6 Home Remedies to Reduce Scars and Nourish Your Skin


Scars kind when there’s damage or trauma to the pores and skin, particularly when the dermis (the deeper layers of the pores and skin) are injured. Vastly simplified, the method of a scar forming goes roughly like this. Blood rushes to the wound web site and begins to clot. Fibroblasts, exceptional little cells that assist produce a number of various kinds of connective tissues and proteins, start to deposit the inspiration for collagen.

Collagen is the main structural protein found in our skin. However, the new collagen that is forming scar tissue is different from regular collagen, and tends to be inferior to ‘normal’ skin in its functioning. Still, it does the job-a pretty impressive one when you think about it.

Scar tissue appears completely different as a result of the collagen that’s being laid down is made up of fibers that lie parallel to one another, as a substitute of the common randomized cross woven sample that exists in undamaged pores and skin. The scar tissue is hard, not as elastic or supple, nor do issues like sweat glands or hair follicles re-grow in it.

Completely different therapies and treatments and their outcomes range vastly from particular person to particular person, because it all is determined by genetics, how you bought the scar, how lengthy you’ve had it, and many others. So don’t be afraid to mess around with these to see what works finest!

Scars vs. Hyperpigmentation

A few of these treatments apply to hyperpigmentation, which is when further pigment is deposited on the wound web site. Hyperpigmentation is usually seen in instances after a nasty bout with pimples, and can provide the looks of there being a mark or scar.

1. So… that Marula oil

Lengthy, lengthy earlier than it turned mainstream, marula oil was used historically utilized by the Tsonga folks of South Africa and Mozambique, the place it’s nonetheless utilized by many peoples in that area. It’s used for pores and skin care-as a cleaning or therapeutic massage oil, as a moisturizer- and even a dietary complement. From meals to drugs, the marula tree and the oil from its fruits have a protracted historical past of being extensively used.

The oil comes from harvested fruits that maintain a nut, inside which rests a kernel. The oil is extracted from this kernel, and a substantial quantity of labor goes into the extraction course of given the robust fibrous make-up of the nut. As soon as eliminated, the kernel is cold-pressed by hand for the oil, leading to a small amount the dear stuff.

The oil is extraordinarily mild, silky, absorbs rapidly into the pores and skin, and penetrates deeply. It has many makes use of, however within the case of scars it reduces redness and irritation, and softens up the robust tissue. The oleic acid enhances the power of the oil to penetrate the pores and skin, permitting different fatty acids to soak in and do their work. Use it plain or as a base oil-I’ll often add it to my scar butter.

You’ll need…
-Marula Oil


Rinse the scar and the realm round it with heat water. Pat dry. Begin with much less oil and add extra as you want it-if I plan on rubbing it in some I take advantage of extra, if I’m placing it on and letting it soak in by itself I take advantage of rather less. You don’t want a lot, simply sufficient to cowl the scar effectively. Reapply as much as 3 times each day (or as wanted.)

2. Convey on the Baobab Oil

This valuable oil, like Marula oil, is excessive in important fatty acids. 33% of the seed content material is oil, with the vast majority of these oils being oleic and linoleic. Oleic and linoleic will soften skin-in this case, the robust scar tissue-and moisturize the dermis, the place the seen a part of your scar sits. The entire fatty acids assist regenerate outer epithelial tissues (mainly, the cells that make up the skin of your pores and skin), which is a part of why it’s so famend for its talents to heal our pores and skin and cut back scars. It’s thick and wealthy and stays on the pores and skin longer after utility. Once more, use it as a base or a service or by itself!

You’ll need…

-Baobab Oil


Rinse the realm with heat water and pat dry. Apply a lightweight coating of sufficient baobab oil to cowl the scar. Keep in mind that it’ll sit on the pores and skin for some time after utility.

three. Fenugreek Paste

Fenugreek was all the time a kind of treatments that I simply steered away from. Not due to any fault of its own-for some motive the title simply all the time deterred me. However, ultimately, I used to be capable of recover from that quirk of mine, and now discover it a helpful ingredient to have mendacity round. It’s used for a spread of illnesses, from easing indigestion to lowering dandruff. It may well additionally assist with pores and skin irritation and irritation, akin to that which can happen with a scar. Anecdotal proof means that it additionally helps to lighten pores and skin, thus lowering the looks of the scar or hyperpigmentation. On this case, making the seeds right into a paste is the best manner of getting their profit.

fenugreek paste to get rid of scars

You’ll need…

-Fenugreek seeds
-Heat water
-One thing to grind up the seeds


How a lot fenugreek you’ll want relies upon solely on the dimensions of the scar. Begin with a tablespoon or two, and if there’s further retailer within the fridge for as much as three days.
Soak the seeds in a single day in heat water, or till they’re gentle (even “slimy”) feeling. Drain and mash them up right into a paste-a mortar and pestle works finest for this. If the mash is just too thick, you possibly can add only a smidge of heat water at a time till it’s the correct consistency-thick however simply spreadable, not runny. Rinse the realm with heat water and pat dry. Apply sufficient to cowl the scar and depart on for 30 minutes. Rinse off with heat water and pat dry.
I might recommend utilizing your favourite lotion/moisturizer after this as it may be drying.

four. Implausible Fish Oil

Ah, fish oil. It’s a kind of “it’ll treatment no matter ails ya” treatments. Wealthy in our favourite fatty acids, fish oil taken within the food plan and utilized on to scars may help cut back their look. Some analysis has been achieved exhibiting that they could even velocity of the breakdown of fibroblasts, that are liable for laying down all that further collagen, even in scars as extreme as keloids. In the event you can take it as a dietary complement, I all the time say go for it. It’s value attempting topically as effectively. Fibroblasts apart, it’s going to moisturize the scar effectively and moisturizing means a greater setting for therapeutic to happen.

fish oil for scar removal

You’ll need…

-A top quality fish oil


Apply fish oil on to the scar and/or take the suitable dosage for a dietary complement.

5. Simply Plain Lemon Juice

This one ought to come as no shock. Lemon juice, along with having different advantages, is understood to lighten pores and skin. It’s because it’s thought to interrupt melanogenesis-basically the method wherein melanin, the pigment that darkens pores and skin, is fashioned. Additionally it is thought to cut back or break down the prevailing melanin within the pores and skin as effectively. Watch out after making use of lemon juice as it could make you a bit extra delicate to the solar for a bit after utilizing it.

You’ll need…

-1 contemporary lemon


Juice the lemon. Rinse the affected space after which apply immediately. Do that as much as twice a day as wanted and be affected person, because it isn’t instantaneous. Hold the leftover juice within the fridge for later use.

6. Sunscreen or Cowl Up!

That is extra of a (very useful) preventative moderately than a treatment. When the sun-chiefly its ultraviolet rays-hits your pores and skin, it damages it. Your physique, well-equipped as all the time, rushes to defend and defend your delicate pores and skin by depositing melanin, a darker pigment that may give extra safety in opposition to the dangerous rays. The pores and skin of your scar is delicate and can darken simply, so cowl up or use sunscreen, and you may assist forestall any burns or undesirable melanin making it extra seen. Tanning or getting sunburned will finally *not* assist your trigger!

You’ll need…

-Sunscreen that’s at the least SPF 30


Apply sunscreen to the scar earlier than exposing it to daylight or maintain it coated.

And above all else…

Be affected person. There isn’t any present pure treatment or medical know-how that may assure the whole removing of a scar. Though some might actually useful, our our bodies are fairly unimaginable of doing the job. Belief in your body-it is aware of what it’s doing! In the case of badly broken or non-regenerable tissues, they’re changed by the laying down of connective tissue (suppose collagen!) It is a course of referred to as replacement-also often known as scarring. Regeneration is a kind of therapeutic wherein new progress can utterly deliver again at the least parts of broken tissue to its regular state. More often than not these two happen in tandem in the course of the therapeutic course of.

Over the course of two generally as much as three years the scar will proceed to heal, changing and regenerating. So don’t panic a couple of scar. Get a bit assist from some good treatments, belief your physique and time, be affected person, and all will heal.

Examples of Scar Varieties

Under are just a few various kinds of scars that happen, summed up very merely, with some being extra extreme than others. The way you go about remedying your scars will likely be simpler if you recognize a bit in regards to the scar itself!

Hypertrophic: Hypertrophic scars are raised above the encircling pores and skin, because of the physique overproducing collagen. They sometimes current themselves as a crimson, raised, and thickened patches of pores and skin. They typically kind when there’s mechanical pressure on the wound. They’ll fade over a interval of two to 3 years.

Keloid: Very thick raised scars, extra extreme than hypertrophic scars, and should unfold past the unique wound web site. They’ll additionally grow to be benign lots. Keloid scarring, like hypertrophic scars, are raised from extreme quantities of stiff collagen fibers deposited on the wound.

Atrophic: The scar is sunken within the pores and skin, giving it a typical “pitted” look, precipitated when underlying buildings that help the pores and skin are misplaced. Zits and illnesses such because the hen pox have a tendency to depart atrophic scars.

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